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Discussion on the cause of distribution box failure

2019-08-31 15:04:00

(1) Failure caused by material of components in distribution box:
① There is a big gap between the instruction manual of distribution box and the real technical data.
② The purchase and storage management of distribution box is not strict.
③ The technical disclosure of the distribution box construction is not clear, which brings unnecessary constraints to the installation and use of the distribution box, resulting in operation failure.
(2) Distribution box failure caused by construction:
① The quality control of the accessory materials of the distribution box is not strict, which causes hidden danger to the safe operation.
② The installation process is not up to standard, such as: the box body is not thoroughly cleaned.
③ The material configuration of accessories in the distribution box is not up to standard.
④ The signs in the distribution box are not enough and obvious, and the sealing treatment of the distribution box is not in place in humid environment, which has left hidden dangers to the operation of the distribution box.
(3) Distribution box failure caused by poor management and maintenance of the operation unit:
① Maintenance inspection tests cannot be performed on a regular basis.
② Faults caused by seasonal natural rain, wind and snow, sun exposure and other factors, such as corrosion and looseness of grounding bolts.
(4) Distribution box failure caused by other reasons:
① For the temporary charge load, long-term calculation can not be considered or the statistics is not careful, so that the distribution box overload operation, resulting in failure.
② The connection holes at the upper and lower ends of components in the distribution box do not match with the diameter and section of the incoming and outgoing lines or cables, thus forming a potential power supply hazard.
③ During the construction near the distribution box by other disciplines, the power supply circuit is damaged, resulting in short circuit or ground fault of the distribution box.


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